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Why custom digital content management?

Today, all companies are faced with the same fundamental problem: quickly processing and relaying the right content, at the right time and on the right channel. However, the volume of information to be processed is growing exponentially and the distribution channels are multiplying at the same time. In addition, each content has its own life cycle.

Very quickly the management of all the information, structured or not, can become complex and time-consuming. This means that optimizing content management can become a competitive advantage.

Specialized software is able to manage this complexity, automate certain tasks and shorten the creation, production and distribution cycles of information on different media.

There are many solutions on the market. From example: Enterprise Content Management and its related systems like Digital Asset Management, Content Management Systems, Product Information Management, Document Management and others.

Our offer
Your business might require two or more of these systems or bits and pieces from each one of them. If this is the case, custom solution could the best way to go.

We have over 15 years of experiences in multi-purpose content management systems. Therefore, we decided to go with what we know best and offer you our knowledge and expertise in developing correct solution for your business needs.

Why custom solution?

Custom software is a tool that is specific to your company's needs, you can change it (customization) whenever you like and make it truly unique.These are just some examples of how we can enhance digital content management system:
Web portals
Web portal can be a simple search, display and retrieve system; or it can be a portal that follows a complex set of business rules. Media is automatically organized to follow these business rules, and users are given privileges that are based on the rules as well. The portal can be an intranet, an extranet, or a full B2B or B2C website.
Workflow software for business process modelling and management (BPMN 2.0), workflow automation and productivity boost. Minimize dependency on IT and empower non-technical users to design, run and modify processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.
Integration with Other Enterprise Apps, advanced integration capabilities to coordinate data exchange between disparate applications and build an entire enterprise environment. Integrations of any scope and complexity are provided leveraging the fully open Web API's (REST or GraphQL).
Document creation
Document generating tool can be built in the application to enable creation and modification of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) without leaving the application or running Microsoft Office.
Additional security
If your data is extra sensitive or you must fallow compliance requirements we can offer you additional security measures such as: multi-factor authentication, binary encryption, electronic signature, blockchain technologies or anything else you might need.
Collaborative review
Creative markup and review for digital assets is a perfect addition for DAM, PIM or any content management system. Visual markup with comments allows users to have faster and more transparent collaboration process while working with digital assets.

Our services
Our services in regard of developing content management solutions are the fallowing:
Custom web application development

Web application development
We offer the full cycle of web-based application development:

  • Prototyping and product design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration and Implementation
  • Support
In our work we use only the well-tested technologies that work perfectly for any kind of app and on any device.

We organize the development process on the Agile principles which makes it possible for our clients to make necessary changes on every stage of the development process.

Mobile app development
We make sure that our web applications are adaptable to any device but in some cases, when the solutions a more complex, our clients required a mobile app.

For these cases we offer various approaches to mobile app development.
  • Native iOS app development
  • Native Android app development
  • Flutter app development. Flutter enables building and deployment of mobile apps with a single codebase that works for both iOS and Android platforms. It makes multi-platform app development fast and cost-effective, providing native user experience at the same time.
Application development for mobile devices
Back-end development service

Back-end development
In addition to the above services we offer custom back-end development.
When can this be beneficial?

  • You already have a mobile app but it needs user registration, login and syncing of data across multiple devices and platforms. We can build a custom back-end for app's admin panel.
  • Maybe you already have a front-end development team who will take care of user interface. We can support them with developing the back-end part.
If you have a different case feel free do drop us a line and we'd gladly discuss it with you.
How we do it
Nuxeo platform
As a foundation for our application development we use open source platform Nuxeo. It is a customization and extensible content management platform. We have over five years experiences of working with this platform, building various custom solutions such as: Digital Asset Management, Document Management, Case Management and more.
Visit Nuxeo website
Why we chose Nuxeo Platform?
Building our applications on a solid foundation gives us more time and flexibility to concentrate on our client's specific needs, while making sure that all the essentials are already there.
Flexibility and scaling
Nuxeo architecture allows us to extend functionality without negatively affecting the speed of the system. Due to its modular architecture, it can be easily scaled and customized for of any business needs.
Open architecture
As open source solution, Nuxeo supports various applications and offers a wide range of integration options. the system has its own repository with more than 150 applications for different needs, and also supports integration with services such as Slack, Alfresco, DropBox, Google Drive, and more.
Cloud-based technologies
Nuxeo is optimized for cloud-based servers and storage, which significantly reduces the cost of system integration and allows you to quickly scale it to various needs.
Case studies
Over the years we successful completed many projects, here are just a few of them
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