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We offer 30 years of expert knowledge in software development and IT consulting
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We are an IT Consultancy and Software Development company. Since 1990 we are developing software for individual projects and providing dedicated teams to our clients. Our goal is to use our expert knowledge and skills to meet the growing expectations of our clients.
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Enterprise Software Development
We are helping our clients to build web-applications and complex corporate solutions. To keep up with the times, we created our own tools, which helps us shorten the development cycle.
Now, in addition to our expert knowledge in software development, we can offer you a much quicker realization of your ideas.

More about our services
Our services
If you're looking for a custom software solution, we can help turn your vision into a great product
Application development
We specialize in enterprise web applications. To deliver the result faster - we use our low-code platform
MVP development
We can build a minimum viable product which could be scaled up to a finished solution.
Back-end development
Our back-end development services include development for mobile apps, front-end apps and web API. We use the best framework and utilities to meet your business needs.
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Case studies
Over the years we successful completed many projects, here are just a few of them
Why choose us
When working together, you can expect our full attention and dedication.
  • Experiences
    We have 30 years experiences in IT services and software development.
  • Individual approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client and project. This philosophy enables us to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change.
  • Technologies
    We always fallow the latest trends and technologies. Our technology stack is something that we are really proud of.
  • Good communication
    Working with clients from all over the world taught us how to find a common ground with anyone. We establish a clear communication model prior to working together.
  • Dedicated team
    To each project we assign dedicated teams with required knowledge and expertise.
  • Long-term partnerships
    We prefer to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients. This way we learn more about the big picture of their business goals and can deliver a better fitted solution.
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